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Breaking packaging print records for years. Life deserves that quality.

Crystal Clear Printing Results.

Over a decade later in stamping foils , HENAN FOILS is one of the world leading manufacturers and distributors of stamping foils. 

HENAN FOILS offers a wide range of metallic shades, mattes, pearl effect foils, pigment foils, special effects foils and holographic designs, and are now acknowledged as one of the world leaders in the graphic arts and plastic industries.

We have a vision for the future.

A vision that has driven us from the moment our FOIL was created. Our future is about creating the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between uncompromising luxury and outstanding performance.

Strive to achieve these extremes and the unexpected happens: limits are pushed; expectations are exceeded; myths are shattered and new legends are born. With each foil grade, we stretch the boundaries of possibility. We like to think of the result of all this as a modern-day Packaging World Tour: an eye-opening, horizon-broadening trip across the world in search of knowledge and new experiences.

The future awaits, with new prints, new challenges and no limits.

We deliver high quality, innovative products as effectively as possible and provide countless solutions and opportunities to the industries which we serve.

Our customers wanted it all, and they have it all.

HENAN FOILS is not just a commercial brand; it is connected with the development of the Asian premium foil industry.

We have customers from all over the world; they demand performance, reliability and exceptional stamping foil. And that’s why they choose HF, backed by premium quality.

To be competitive we focus on quality, attractive holographic foils and brilliant metallic foils.

We’ve made a huge effort to ensure that the customers see us as a means of support in terms of knowledge, experience and advice.

HENAN FOILS ensures you focus on delivering the perfect print – we do the rest.


Henan’s Digital Brochure

We are one of the world leading manufacturers and distributors of specialized materials for printing and packaging, including aluminized foil backing paper, greeting cards, electronic devices, household appliance, cosmetics and numerous other items. Our products are utilized to decorate, enhance, and add value to a wide range of diverse products.

As mentioned our foils are widely used in printing industries, packaging industries, textile industries and so on. We are not only proud of having superior quality, competitive price, on-time delivery, innovative ideas and full service solutions, also a group of highly cooperative working fellows achieves your expectation anytime.

Our graphics foils offer unmatched versatility and consistency. We have foils that are very easy to set-up, offer faster run speeds, and stamp at lower temperatures and adhere to many difficult substrates including problem UV, aqueous coatings and inks. We have products that are laser printer compatible, over-printable and over-stampable.

  • CHOICE – Getting the right answers means asking the right questions.
  • PRODUCTION – Once the actual production phase begins, it’s all about quality.
  • QUALITY – This is an essential tool to protect the customer’s investment.
  • DELIVERY – We want to delivery with pride, to a delighted client.
  • GUARANTEE – A robust warranty is the final step in de-risking the print or laminate project for the customer.


It’s your world. Astute Printers take the first step to the ultimate stamping foil.

Experience the HENAN FOILS Kingdom. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.” Our reputation for Products, Service savings is our most valued asset. We never stand still and neither business. Our currency is trust, by standing for the values that defended us over the years.

Our name is HENAN FOILS. We are stamping foil producers. Delivering you outstanding Stamping foils. There are no printing limits on the road to excellence.


We have formulated stamping foil with unique and unmarketable performance. We make them focusing on functionality, to ensure greater compatibility with the print project.

The most performing stamping foils can only be found at HENAN FOILS. And why should you believe this?  Maybe because customers around the world tried it. And love it.



QUALITY. This is an essential tool to protect the customer’s investment.