Metallic Foil

We want to appeal to everybody who loves stamping foil print.

A choice to “Shine Up” the graphic world with our metallic foils. Our stamping foil with a formulation designed for EFFICIENCY, is a FLEXIBLE printing foil. Our customers wanted it all, and they have it all.

The Choice of the Visionary
For those with a vision and the power to bring it to life, there is one foil in the world that delivers both a good printing and the technology to help make them happen: the PPP series.
We have formulated stamping foil with unique and unmarketable performance. We make them focusing on functionality, to ensure greater compatibility with the print project.

Transform your productivity and streamline your workdays.

We invite you to enjoy a print demonstration with PPA, PPP, PPL, PL and PV-Plus find out how our technologically advanced stamping foils can transform your productivity – and streamline your workdays.
Our Metallic Foils offers printers and designers unmatched versatility in a hot stamping foil. The versatility of our PP Metallic Foil product line spans nearly every conceivable graphic arts application from fine line to broad area coverage on coated and uncoated stocks.

Enjoy the benefits with Henan Foils solution.

  • Ideally suited for low temperature, low-pressure applications, our PP series offers easy stripping at high speed to produce clean, crisp impressions.
  • PP series excels in high-speed rotary press applications allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Grassing problems on foilboard are minimized.
  • Excellent gloss retention on both coated and uncoated stocks, the hallmark of this foils is its compatibility with ink.

Beyond a printing experience, to a place where you’ll discover true exhilaration.

Beauty lies not only in the eye of the beholder but in the imagination of the designer, the hand of the printer, and the heart of every producer who fuses beauty with efficiency.

  • The PP series is available in a range of silvers, golds, colors, and metallic black.
  • We also offer a pantone matching service with low minimum order quantities to give your brand added exclusivity.

Applications can include:

  • UV varnish firstly then hot stamped.
  • Cardboard, rough unprinted paper.
  • UV ink coated paper, embossed paper.
  • OPP laminated paper , PP synthetic paper.
  • Good adhesion on laminates (Acetate, PE and PET).
  • PVC and PET film label stocks.
  • Printed, unprinted and lacquered surfaces.
  • Dry and rough laminates.
  • Vinyl coated paper.
  • Resin coated paper.
  • Minimum order requirements may apply.
  • Not all series are standard products for each color.
Special colors can be produced upon request.Please contact our Customer Service Department for questions about standard products.