Pearl Foil

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Where packaging and distinction is paramount, foil adds a level of exclusivity and increases brand awareness.

The Pearlescent Foil
Pearlescent foils are semi-translucent with a pearlised finish. The foil contains pearlescent material to give the pearlescent foil effect and a tint is added to the pearlescent effect to give colours. Pearl foil provides a translucent ‘Pearlescent’ sheen to your stamped products. Specially designed for the graphic arts industry, pearl foil is a perfect product for an elegant look. It is also an ideal choice for today’s contemporary designs.

Cost-effective decorating that creates a subtle richness.

Our Tints are light-colored coatings on polyester film which are partially transferred to uncoated paper or dry board to upgrade a blind embossing by tinting the raised image. A multi-level die and textured stock are keys to effective embossing with tints. Crown’s Pearls add a pearlescent effect in pastel colors on white stock while allowing inks to show through. A combination die achieves the best results with pearls.

These semi translucent foils feature heavily in greeting card applications. Alongside the popular mother of pearl white foil we also stock a further 18 colours tone pearls.

Enjoy the benefits with Henans Crown’s Tint & Pearl Foils solution.

  • EASE OF APPLICATION – Crown’s HEA series Tints provide excellent stamping results on uncoated natural paper. The more textured the stock, the more gratifying the result. 
  • LOW-TEMPERATURE, EASY RELEASE – On medium to large coverage applications.
  • UNIFORMINTY – They are manufactured in large quantities to standard specifications under rigid quality controls. Color values and production requirements are uniform for each foil in the series.
  • CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY – In keeping with our concern for our customers, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), are available here and upon request and are prepared in accordance with the Federal Hazard OSHA Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200
    (Right To Know Law)

Designed to enhance and compliment your products.

Increases the brand awareness! Add value to the product to increase sales!

Many successful decorative applications!

  • To highlight artistically rendered greeting cards.
  • To enhance the image and value of wine labels, packaging for cosmetics and other products, and promotional materials.
  • To create an appealing fantasy on book covers.

Applications can include:

  • Paper and Board,
  • Printed, coated and uncoated paper
  • UV coated paper
  • Resin coated paper
  • Gloss and mat laminates
  • OPP Film laminated Paper
  • PP synthetic Paper
  • Minimum order requirements may apply.
  • Not all series are standard products for each color.

Crown’s Tint & Pearl Foils exhibit special properties that make them ideal to work with.

  • Glossy White (pearls only).
  • Smooth Natural Paper.
  • Textured Natural Paper.
  • 220°- 275°F Metal105°
  • 135°C Metal
  • 12 Micron (48ga.) Polyester film.
Special colors can be produced upon request.Please contact our Customer Service Department for questions about standard products.