Textile Foil

It’s about archiving the highest possible quality.

Use them in any kind of printing job – they are very versatile.
You can find a wide choice of foil with different colour tones in our color guide: both glossy and matted foil.

It‘s not the color that is the only criteria – we also provide foil regarding to the characteristics of the operation: for fine lines, plates, universal foil with medium release property, foil for paper and cardboard, laminated and lacquered surfaces, other complicated surfaces as well as plastics.

Textile foil adds an exciting and unique dimension to apparel decorating that cannot be duplicated using other decorating methods.

Textile foil is an easy release foil designed to bond to a silkscreen varnish onto a garment or heavily structured material. Textile foil can also withhold its effect and finish through multiple washes. Textile foil can be transferred partially or have total coverage, depending on the effect required and the machinery that is used.

Enjoy the benefits with Henans foil solution.

  • Washability – The washability of our textile foil is unmatched in the market as it goes through several quality tests before getting delivered to the clients.
  • Metallic Finish – It also gives the impression of a metallic look to the fabric improving its overall appearance and allowing for greater designs.
  • Fully Customizable – You get the option of customization according to your own preferences and aesthetics.

We offer high Flexibility for your Creativity.

Create your own customised colour in case you don‘t find the one you like.

You can get a wide variety of textile foils from us which are capable of withstanding rough washing conditions. However, their applications are not limited to textiles as they can also be used on materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, canvas and many more. Formulated specifically and quality-tested at different steps of design and manufacturing, Henan’s Textile Foil is highly demanded in the market.

Applications can include: T-shirts, Evening dresses, Decorative textile, Book-cover, Textile labels, Swimwear, Curtains, Sweat – shirts.

  • Available in Bright golds silvers and metallic colours.
  • PT series has good quality for textiles printed with adhesives.  
  • Minimum order requirements may apply.
  • Not all series are standard products for each color.


  • Width: 640mm, 750mm, 1280mm, 1500mm, etc
  • Length: 120m, 240m, 305m, 3000m, 6000m, etc
  • Thickness: 12mic, 16mic, 20mic, 23mic, etc
Special colors can be produced upon request.Please contact our Customer Service Department for questions about standard products.