Hot Stamping Foil

Be extraordinary

“When extraordinary foils meet extraordinary people, extraordinary things happen.”
Henan will always endeavor to explore the limits of luxury printing, foil workability and performance. Whether it is creating foils, bringing together the world’s most insightful thinkers or creating new foil colors or holographic designs that changes the way people look at the most striking packaging print product designs, the company will never rest in its quest to be extraordinary.

Henan Hot Stamping Foils  are widely used for decorating plastic, wood, leather and paper. Henan foil is known for its outstanding match of chemical and physical properties, which has given it global acceptance.
Hot Stamping Foil is suitable on fine to medium coverage area and is able to perform at high operating speeds. It is available in an extensive range of shades.
Our Hot Stamping Foil includes many successful decorative applications: Cosmetics packaging, Wine and other product labels, Promotional materials, Liquor labels, Stationery items, Textiles, Plastic products and Paperback book covers. 
Cost-effective decorating foil that adds value, prestige and eye-appealing distinction.
This is the world’s most extraordinary Foil. It is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to technological innovation and a remarkable way to explore the detail of Henan’s production skills.

Graphic Foil

Henan’s Metallic Foils are used widely to create interest and add value to graphic arts products, plastic and paper packaging, and promotional materials. Graphic Foils includes Metallic Golds, Silvers and a full range of metallized Colors. There are more than 250 kinds of our Hot Stamping Foils available, other colors or holographic designs can be customized by our color matching service. Henan’s metallic hot stamping foils are available to suit a wide range of substrates and machinery types, including rotary, roll-on , platen and clam-shell.

Plastic Foil

Plastic foils are referred as those hot stamping foils that are mainly applied on soft an hard plastic materials, such as PP, OPP, PVC, PET, ABS, etc. Our plastic foils provide a wide choice for most plastic printing applications. Excellent workability our foils are manufactured in large quantities to standard specifications under rigid quality controls. The production requirements are uniform for each foil batch, which allows clean, sharp, uniform impressions. PC series foil for plastic applications add dazzle and distinction to improve shelf appeal of plastic products.

Pigment Foil

Glossy pigments simulate the look of letterpress. Pigment foils should always be considered when printing on dry or textured papers & boards. Strong uniform colour is achieved.

Metallic Foil

Our extensive range of metallic hot stamping foils are widely recognised as suitable for a wide range of paper and film substrates, from coated and uncoated to varnishes and ink coatings. Our specially designed foils are suitable for all your use-by date, coding, pharmaceutical, packaging and label requirements.
Whatever your application, Henan Foils has a hot stamping foil for your needs.

Holographic Foil

Holographic effects foils are suitable for graphic arts and plastics applications such as: greeting cards, brochures, catalogues, folding cartons, labels, displays, injection molded and extruded plastics and writing instruments.We supply pattern designs that are made to be brighter and versatile. This makes holographic printing more affordable, more convenient, and more controllable for you.