Cold Foil

Provide an even broader portfolio of finishing options.

Fast setup, no up-front tooling or dies, quick turnaround, superior brightness, limitless color possibilities, efficient for both short and long print runs, registration control, in-line and in-house; cold foils offer differentiation to printers and to brands.

Henan Foils offers total cold foil printing solutions that ensure the easy, fast, and affordable foil applications. We not only provide high performance foil but also develop adhesive formulas that work with the foil and substrates. We also offer technology consultation to help achieve clean foil images on every printing.

Cold foil can provide an one stop solution for printing and stamping. This technology can overcome heat sensitive substrate.
With a wide range of metallic effects, Henan’s Cold Foils provide an even broader portfolio of finishing options. In addition to our PFX 01 Series for offset printing, there is the PFX 02 Series for rotary which was specifically formulated for the thru-cure wet lamination process. A key advantage to Henan’s Cold Foils is the ability to be flexo, screen and offset overprinted by both UV and conventional inks.
Cold foils create true metallic effects – the perfect reflection.

Cold foil technology is also highly flexible, quick to implement and above all cost effective.

Enjoy the benefits with Henans foil solution.

  • Excellent results of fine lines, reverse, medium to large, and half-tone images.
  • Production efficiency & cost reduction.
  • Good registration.
  • Full adhesion to a variety of substrates.
  • Increased level of security.
  • Custom design avaliable.

Enhanced print means clear product differentiation for marketers and retailers

Cold foils are available in silver and gold, in addition to stock and custom holographic patterns. Overprinting offers a limitless palette of color options.

Suitable for a variety of Substrate applications as Clear Label, Wet Label, Coated Paper, Paperboard, Film, Heat Sensitive Material, Plastic, Shrink Film.
HF’s hot stamping foil help packaging companies across a wide-range of industry sectors including: Book Publishing, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Direct Mail, Electronics, Entertainment Media, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Greeting Cards, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Stationery, Tobacco, Toys, Sporting Goods, Security, Wine & Spirits.

Tech Specification Table.

Cold Foils
PFX Series
Available in Bright gold, silver and a wide range of metallic colors.
The following steps are involved through the carrier of cold foiling process:
  • A free radical UV adhesive is web printed onto the substrate using conventional printing equipment, in exactly the same way as an ink or varnish would.
  • Foil is nipped on at a laminator immediately after the print unit.
  • Foil is passed through the UV lamp in contact with the adhesive.
  • The waste carrier is removed leaving the foiled image.
Stamping substrates
Self adhesive labels on semi-gloss and gloss papers and filmic substrates, Advertising materiel, Web printed cartons, Food packaging, Cosmetics Label , self- adhesive labels, Non-food packaging, Magazines, PFX grade is suitable for all the above substrates but the amount of adhesive printed needs to be controlled to compensate for the porosity and roughness of the substrate and to suit the level of detail being printed. Best results are normally achieved if papers are primed with a varnish or ink underneath the foil.
Prosperities overview
PFX grade has free release to allow high speed use. PFX grade has controlled metal thickness in order to allow passage of enough UV light through the foil to cure the adhesive. PFX grade is less opaque than standard hot stamping foils. In conjunction with suitable adhesives. PFX gives similar or superior resistance properties to hot stamping foils.
Stamping machine details
UV flexo and letterpress presses Application is at room temperature.
13/15 days.
Contact Henan Foils for availability of other shades.