Pigment Foil

Transform the idea into something spectacular.

When you need a deep solid color then look no further than Henan’s Pigment Foils. Excellent opacity makes our Matte Pigment Foils ideal for so many applications. And the strength of color is also perfect to assure great legibility.

Glossy pigments simulate the look of letterpress. Pigment foils should always be considered when printing on dry or textured papers & boards. Strong uniform colour is achieved. Lithographic inks often look dull or lose their strength of colour and screen printing is not without its problems. Hot foils is a dry solvent free option with no lengthy setup time or cost.

Fields of application are graphics, plastics, promotional items, coding & self adhesive labels.
Pantone matching available with low minimum order quantities and a quick turnaround to meet print demands.

PGM grade

A perfect fit when you need something with a little more depth and richness than traditional inks on you project choose a shiny gloss pigment shade to archive a strong durable color. PGM grade is ideal for detail stamping on smooth, coated and uncoated paper and board. Available in a broad color selection, the glossy topcoat provides good scuff resistance and the ability to overstamp, overcoat or overprint for added graphic enhancements.

PGM grade is recognized as the industry standard in coding foils. A functional formulation designed for data coding where legibility and performance are key, such as in food and drink applications or clinical products. PGM’s strength is its versatility across substrates and machinery.

Applications can include:

  • Papers
  • Boards
  • Hard plastics
  • Acrylics
  • Nylon
  • Polystyrene
  • Lacquered wood
  • PVC

As one of the world’s largest manufactures of stamping foil in the world, Henan Foils maintains a range of specialty to meet our customers’ requirements. These products are available on request.

  • Minimum order requirements may apply.
  • Not all series are standard products for each color.
Special colors can be produced upon request.Please contact our Customer Service Department for questions about standard products.