HENAN FOILS technological holographic foil and decorative foil  are know throughout the industry as the benchmark of high quality, streamlined service and efficient distribution system.

We supply pattern designs that are made to be brighter and versatile. This makes holographic printing more affordable, more convenient, and more controllable for you.

Custom-made foils manufacturer to customer specified performance requirements. The holographic foil can be designed to meet the most demanding application requirements. Designed to dramatically boost sales.

The product line of holographic foils could be used for all types of applications:

  • Conventional inked papers and cartons
  • Some UV cured inks labels and carton
  • Coated paper and cartons
  • Uncoated papers and cartons
  • Dry papers and cartons
  • Some plastic base surfaces as Polypropylene, OPP, PP

HF’s hot stamping foil help packaging companies across a wide-range of industry sectors including alcoholic drinks, personal-care, tobacco, confectionery, perfumery, cosmetics and healthcare.

HENAN FOILS offers a wide selection of holographic patterns and a variety of custom colors  suitable for a board range of graphic and plastic applications. HF’s holographic stamping foils are used to create a dynamic visual impact in order to provide a premium and highly visual effect to your packaging product.

Archive That Unique Effect!

Henan’s holographic foils provide an exciting multicolor metallic , patterns design and diffraction appearance that cannot be obtain by using conventional hot stamping foil.

Holographic effects foils are suitable for graphic arts and plastics applications such as: greeting cards, brochures, catalogues, folding cartons, labels, displays, injection molded and extruded plastics and writing instruments.

Our fully equipped facilities, converting, rewinding, cutting, spooling and slitting operations enable us to meet every requirements and ensure a timely delivery.

Whether you need design guidance or original concepts, HF’s in-house Art Department can assist you. If you would prefer to send your artwork, please use the following e-mail address: info@henanfoils.net

PHS series – Holographic foils Seamless

PHL series – Holographic foils with shim lines  – Seamline distance: 46cm – color shim silver


Thickness: 12mic., 15mic., 22mic. etc.
Max width: 1500mm

Stamping substrates

  • Printed, coated and uncoated paper 
  • Dry papers and cartons
  • PVC, PP, PE, ABS and PET
  • OPP , BOPP, laminated paper
  • UV cured inks and coating paper

Available colors:

Rainbow gold, silver, red, blue, green, pink. 

Standard Pattern: Large Broken Crystal, Small Broken Crystal, Sand, Small Tinsel, Large Tinsel, Pulsating, Rainbow, Chinese Fingerlock, Jumping Beans, Moon Lava., Opening Night, Tiny Bubbles, Light Pillar, Cat Eye, Pine Needles, Quicksand, Binaries Stars, Small Circle, Kaleidoscope, Squares, Wave, Large Square, Small Dots, Flash Points, Fireworks, Spiral Coil, Tinsel, Glitter, Kaleidoscope.
Colors with many different designs
Customized designs are also available


Suitable for vertical, cylinder presses and rotary stamping machines.
Ordinary paper, OPP film laminated paper, Embossed paper, PP synthetic paper.
Water-Based UV ink coated paper, PVC sticker.
Resin coated paper

Stamping machine details 

  • 110-140 on up-and –down and platen machines
  • 135-180 on cylinder machines
  • 170-220 on rotary machines

Design assistance

Custom Holographic pattern design available.

Send us at: info@henanfoils.net your artwork or drawing of the exact size of the model and color you require.