Leather foils are referred as those hot stamping foils that are mainly applied in all kinds of leather, artificial and genuine.Our leather foils are developed to work for many kinds of fabric and clothes hot stamping and provide excellent stamping definition and adhesion to the substrates surface…

Leather Foils includes Gold and Silver, Colorful foils and lamination and transfer.


There are more than 180 kinds of our Hot Stamping Foils available, served for the range of Graphic Foils, Holographic Foils, Pigment Foils, Holographic Transfer Foils, Leather Foils, Textile Foils, Lamination Foils as well as Security Foils.


Book binding, label, packaging, plastic products, security foils, medical and industrial applications, overprintablity and others.


Various paper and board, UV coated surface, BOPP Lamination, PP/PS/PET/PVC foil, leather or imitation leather, plastic fibre or textile.


Platen, cylinder or rotary

Product Specification and Storage Conditions:

  • Standard roll of stamping foil: 640mm X 120m (76.8m2 )
  • Standard roll of holographic foil: 630mm X 120m (75.6m2 )
  • Packaging: Each foil is put into one plastic bag, 10rolls/carton
  • Other standard size: 640mm X 240m/360m/480m/600m/720m (or 1280mm X 180m)
  •  Special size: 3 inch core; (customized foil length and width is available)
  • Storage: Protect against pressure, moisture, heat and sunlight