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Can't Pack best without foil.
Breaking packaging print records
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When You Care Enough,
Print with the Very Best Foils.
Differentiate yourself.
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EDIT the Limit.
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You want your work
to be brilliant.
To dazzle.

Henan Foils is a worldwide professional company, aiming to raise and maintain high standards within graphic and plastic industry. Our stamping foils are truly brilliant products.

We provide multiple stamping foil formulations that will meet any of your specific physical and or technical requirements. Hot stamping can be used in almost all areas of the graphic industry. On a wide range of printed products, such as brochures, book covers, greeting cards, magazines, calendars, posters, plus packaging applications, like cosmetics or cigarette packaging, confectionery goods, and various food products. Furthermore, the first choice for cosmetics, beverage, or packaging labels.

PP series
For Paper and Board applications

Designed to work for most graphic applications, offers unmatched versatility in a hot stamping foil. The versatility of the PP series product line: PPA, PPP, PPL, PL and PV+ spans nearly every conceivable graphic arts application form fine line to broad area coverage on coated and uncoated stocks. Applications: Ordinary paper, Coated and uncoated paper, Dry and rough laminates, UV ink coated paper, PET film, etc.

PGM series
Pigment foils

Gloss and matte pigment foils are available in a variety of colors for graphic arts, bookbinding, and plastic industries. Easy release, sharp definition and excellent coverage. Applications: Soft and rigid PVC film, Polyester film, Polyamide film, SAN, PP film, PS, ABS, PE films for packaging, etc.

PC series
For plastic applications

Developed to work for many plastics provides excellent definition, good product resistance and adhesion to a variety of substrates. Applications: Cosmetic plastic parts, Mascara bottles. Lipstick covers, containers made form PP film, PS, PVC, ABS, SAN, etc.

PPS series
Security Foil

PPS are ideally suited for effective Brand protection, Authentication, and Document Security. Applications: Labels, Drivers licenses, Travel visas, Passports, Bank notes, Travel check, Tickets, DVDs, CDs, as well as other items subject to counterfeit or tampering, etc.

PT series
For textile applications

Offers the most consistent stamping definition and adhesion to the substrates. PT an excellent choice for textiles printed with adhesives, PE and PP gift ribbons. Applications: T-shits, Evening dresses, Decorative textiles, Swimwear, Textile labels, Curtains, Book-cover, Sweat-shirts, etc. Applications: Ordinary paper, Coated and uncoated paper, Dry and rough laminates, UV ink coated paper, PET film, etc.

LFS series
PET Lamination film

LFS provide an exciting eye-catching effect. Holographic patters in laminate films enhance your designs with a unique dazzling look. Applications: Luxury packaging, Cardboard and Hard papers, Cigarette and Toothpaste packaging, Labels and Book-covers, Liquor boxes, Chocolate boxes, Inner & Outer soft-hard packaging, Magazines, etc.

PHS series
Seamless Holographic foils

Holographic patterns produced to add a new dimension to designs, creating visual interest and distinctive look. PHS is available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Applications: Luxury packaging, Cardboard and hard papers, Cigarette and Toothpaste packaging,Labels and calendars, Cosmetics and chocolate boxes, Liquor boxes, Magazine and Book covers, etc. Applications: Ordinary paper, Coated and uncoated paper, Dry and rough laminates, UV ink coated paper, PET film, etc.

LFS series
BOPP Lamination film

Unparalleled high brightness, rich color, depth and holographic patters. The LFS - BOPP lamination film will adhere to an array of substrates. Applications: Chocolate boxes, luxury packaging, Cardboard and Hard papers, Cigarette and Toothpaste packaging, Labels and Book-covers, Liquor boxes, Inner & Outer soft-hard packaging, Magazines, etc.

On time and on budget.
We deliver what we promise.

Henan Foils is fully equipped to handle any of your special requirements. Our high volume converting, rewinding, spooling, lever cutting and slitting operations ensures timely delivery of your products to your specifications.
Reels standard size : 640mm x 2000m/l. ; 640mm x 3000m/l. ; 1280mm x 3000m/l.  ; 750mm x 9000m/l ; 1280mm x 6000m/l. ;  1280mm x 12.000m/l ; 1500mm x 9000m/l  etc. *Master rolls depends on your request.
Our graphics foils offer unmatched versatility and consistency. We have foils that are very easy to set-up, offer faster run speeds, and stamp at lower temperatures and adhere to many difficult substrates including problem UV, aqueous coatings and inks. We have products that are laser printer compatible, over-printable and over-stampable.

Our stamping foil with a formulation
designed for EFFICIENCY, is More than you expect.

Connected with the development of the Asian premium foil industry, Henan Foils guarantee is reliability, consistency in quality and turn-key price. It is how we prefer to do business. Become a part of Henan Foils family overachievers. Let us serve you. We offer an unbeatable range of products, which is abided by premium quality at very affordable cost.

Beauty lies not only in the eye of the beholder. But in the imagination of the designer, the hand of the printer, and the heart of every producer who fuses beauty with efficiency. We want our customers to be successful and happy, and feel like they are part of something that they can be proud of.

Our customers, they wanted it all, and they have it all.

Formulated with unique and unmarketable performance. We focus on functionality, to ensure greater compatibility with the print project.

An effortless experience. Many of our global customers maintain the statement that we are a completely bespoken brand and we at the top end of the market. We execute challenging job marking the hot stamping foil in a record time to meet a very tight deadline.
Everything starts with stamping foil in order to develop for the design team a great printing job, who then transform the idea into something spectacular. Our products can be used in any kind of printing job – they are very versatile. It’s about archiving the highest possible quality.
Henan Foils is able to create unique and exquisite products, answering any global clientele can imagine.
We want to appeal to everybody who loves stamping foil print.

Stamping foil is there. Everywhere.

Henan Foils makes top-quality foil – suitable to satisfy your needs. Everytime and everywhere. The finished stamping foil is among the most striking foil ever produced. It gives viewers the world over the unprecedented opportunity to explore the finest details of your printing project.
Then, having completed their journey into the stamping foil gloss or holographic effects, viewers are invited to delve deeper still, with an interactive exploration of the customers’ remarkable packaging print. From the grandest of gestures to the smallest of details, it is an experience unlike any other.

Vision and solution

The HENAN’s mission is to represent the interest of Professional Packaging Print and to encourage and maintain the highest professional standards.

Our aim is to ensure your whole printing experience is a success.
A simpler, smarter packaging experience.

We have a vision for the future. A vision that has driven us from the moment our FOIL was created. Our future is about creating the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between uncompromising luxury and outstanding performance.
Strive to achieve these extremes and the unexpected happens: limits are pushed; expectations are exceeded; myths are shattered and new legends are born. With each foil grade, we stretch the boundaries of possibility.
We like to think of the result of all this as a modern-day Packaging World Tour: an eye-opening, horizon-broadening trip across the world in search of knowledge and new experiences.

The future awaits, with new prints, new challenges and no limits.

Logistics: a priority for you

We are fully aware of the importance of logistics. Henan Foils is firmly committed to excellence in this area. We recognize that aspects such as proper documentation, efficient handling of customs procedures and timely deliveries are fundamental pillars for you. For this reason, we have only worked with the leading companies in the logistics sector worldwide, not only to ensure rigorous compliance with these aspects, but also to optimize administrative management. These collaborations allow us to guarantee the highest quality logistics service and efficiency in the supply chain.