Pigment Foils
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PGM series
Available black, white, red, green, purple, grey, blue, mat and other gloss colours.
PGM series developed for coding has very good release and sharpness.
Stamping substrates
  • Soft and rigid PVC film
  • Polyester film
  • Varnished aluminium film
  • Polyamide film
  • PP film
  • PS, ABS, SAN , PE
  • Films for packaging
PGM range that has a strong adhesion and excellent definition
Prosperities overview
Series PGM01 suitable for large release
Series PGM02 suitable medium release
PGM03 suitable for fine and medium release
Range PGM has excellent resistance to freezing and humidity
Stamping machine details
95 – 140°C ——-PGM01
80 – 120°C ——–PGM02
100 – 130°C ——-PGM03
7 / 10 days
Contact Henan Foils for availability of other shades.