The only way to archive something truly exceptional is to constantly strive for perfection.Our philosophy: it takes the best to create the best.The result: outstanding STAMPING FOILThe luxury of spontaneity No other foil on the market today exemplifies the workability and turn-key prices more than the PP series. Alongside increased performance is a suite of refinements to create the most luxurious printing experience. Whatever print you choose, do it from a position of unparalleled reliability and consistency.We have customers from all over the world; they demand performance, reliability and exceptional stamping foil. And that’s why they choose HF, backed by premium quality. To be competitive we focus on quality, attractive holographic foils and brilliant metallic foils. We’ve made a huge effort to ensure that the customers see us as a means of support in terms of knowledge, experience and advice.HENAN FOILS ensures you focus on delivering the perfect print – we do the rest.WE’RE FOIL GENIUS.

Son Mir 41, 07184 – Calvia – Mallorca, Spain
M. +34 616 699 909
T. Int. +34 971 237 430


T.+86 150 6780 6619


Carlos y Emmanuel Brito Serpap
Moreno 6715 – 2° D | B1625FRK Belen de Escobar
-Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
T. +541143429583

T.+569 7588 6503
M. +34 616 699 909

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