The luxury of spontaneity No other foil on the market today exemplifies the workability and turn-key prices more than the PP series. Alongside increased performance is a suite of refinements to create the most luxurious printing experience. Whatever print you choose, do it from a position of unparalleled reliability and consistency.

HENAN FOILS the best stamping foil for your print project.
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Why not have the best possible foils?
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There are no printing limits on the road to excellence. The most performing stamping foils can only be found at HENAN FOILS. And why should you believe this? Maybe because customers around the world tried it. And love it.

We have formulated stamping foil with unique and unmarketable performance. We make them focusing on functionality, to ensure greater compatibility with the print project.

As experts in Hot Stamping Foil for labels, packaging bags and boxes across a range of materials and finishes, we can help you to choose the most appropriate foil for each project, a description of the finest formulation in the industry is provided.

If you have questions or a specific request, we can help you select the right formulation for your specific formulation.

Our innovative mindset makes us freerunners in heart and soul. After all, what matters in the end is the result: the perfect stamping foil that meets the highest standards in terms of functionality and durability. It’s all in the print detail.

Working in partnership with the perfect team or printer , HENAN FOILS assures the perfect finish with premium products, full technical support, performance guarantees a global logistic network.

What makes our company different?

It goes without saying that our quality is exceptional. A passion for details and solutions for technical challenges take priority. We create emotions throughout customers’ printing project and enjoy them within our daily work.

Every project, even the smallest, gets the highest attention and diligence.

We are privileged to have been able to work with an extraordinary number of customers who have been fantastically generous in helping to put our stamping foils on a large variety of applications worldwide.

Delivering you outstanding Stamping foils.

For Graphics and Plastics Applications

PPP series offers hot stampers and designers unmatched versatility in a hot stamping foil. The versatility of the PPP product line spans nearly every conceivable graphic arts applications from fine line to broad area coverage on coated and uncoated stocks. Ideally suited for low temperature, low pressure applications, the PPP series offers easy stripping at high speeds to produce clean, sharp impressions.  PPP excels in high speed rotary press applications allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.  Recommended for use on substrates including coated, printed and uncoated paper and board, PVC, and PET film labels stocks, leather and vinyl, satin ribbons and treated woods surfaces. With excellent gloss retention on both coated and uncoated stocks, the hallmark of this foil is its compatibility with ink.  As an added bonus – this formulation is available in the broadest range of shades!

PPA series complements the PPP series when especially fine definition stampings and required. PPA  line of foils are result of a combined worldwide research and development effort to achieve brighter, more brilliant finishes with superior substrate compatibility.  Its unique formulation offers excellent heat resistance and a wide operating temperature window. The PPA series offers greater flexibility in design due to its ability to stamp fine detail cleanly and provide coverage for medium to large areas on a substrate range similar to the PPP Series.

PV PLUS series if for general purpose stampings where broader coverage and good definition is required. The PV+ series maximizes the performance of most hot stamping equipment, and in available in all standard colors. The PV+ series benefits designers and packaging printers in applications such as  labels fabricating, brochures and catalogues, greetings cards, paperbacks and folding cartons.

PPO series is an over-printable foil designed for the graphic arts industry. The most consistent overprintable foil in the industry! This low-temperature product offer excellent adhesion and lustrous brilliance, while providing a surface tension of 44-46 dynes, ideal for overprinting without using primers or sealers. Available in timeless gold and silver shades, PPO makes overprinting a fresh, easy addition to any design.

PPL series developed with especially customized qualities for rotating embossing units, especially if high processing speeds are demanded. Particularly high processing speed due to an adhesive layer that allows the transfer of the foil at very low temperatures, also displaying good sharpness of the edges.

PC series foils offer fine line lettering on plastic products such as lipstick covers, mascara bottles, and cosmetic pencils where good resistance and heat resistance are required. PC provides excellent stamping definition and adhesion to a variety of coated, printed and uncoated stocks, as well as PVC, PET, PP and PE films, at print speeds, in excess as of 600 feet/minute for web fed machinery and up to 12,000 sheets/hour for sheet fed equipment. The printing characteristics are also very diverse, allowing for both large coverage areas as well as fine line detail.

PGM pigment series gloss pigment foils are available in a variety of colors for the graphic arts, bookbinding, and plastics industries. Sharp, clean release for first and second surface application.

PEARLS series available in a range of shades, Pearls enhance a design with a unique effect.  Best for medium to large detail on coated, or uncoated. Henan’s Pearls are ideal for embossed stamping applications.  Typical applications for Pearls: greetings cards, wedding invitations, wine labels, packaging for cosmetics, promotional materials.

PHS series draw your customers in for a closer look with that ‘sparkle’ that holographic foil lends to your designs. PHS series holographic patterns offer a different and dynamic look, complementing the graphics of your design to help you achieve the eye-catching effect you desire. The PHS series is a versatile holographic product line that allows for medium to large image areas that adhere to an array of substrates such as: greeting cards, brochures, catalogues, folding cartons, labels, displays, injections molded and extruded plastics and writing instruments.

Suitable for a variety of graphic arts and plastics applications, including polystyrene, ABS, acrylics, rigid PVC, polyethylene, laminates and substrates.  Henan’s has the ability to custom design patterns and custom images to meet your specific needs.

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