Holographic Stamping Foil 

PHS series – draw your customers in foe a closer look with the “shine” that holographic foil lends your designs. PHS series holographic foil patters offer a different dynamic look, complementing the graphics of your design to help you archive the eye-catching effect you desire.

PHS series is a versatile holographic product line that allows for medium to large areas that will adhere to an array of substrates.

HENAN FOILS offers holographic patterns that add a new dimension to designs.

Available in a wide range of patterns and colors, holographic foils are very effective in applications as:

• greeting cards

• brochures

• catalogues

• folding cartons

• labels

• displays

• injection molded and extruded plastics

• writing instruments

Suitable for a variety of graphic arts and plastic applications, including polystyrene, ABS, acrylics, rigid PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates and cardboard substrates.

Standard Holographic Pattern:

• Large Broken Crystal

• Small Broken Crystal

• Sand

• Small Tinsel

• Large Tinsel

• Pulsating

• Rainbow

• Chinese Fingerlock

• Jumping Beans

• Glitter

• Dots

• Champagne

• Moon Lava

• Opening Night

• Tiny Bubbles

• Seeing Stars

• Kaleidoscope

Pattern foils are available in a variety of designs, or can be manufactured to suit your specific application requirements.

HENAN FOILS continually adds new patten foils to select from. Please contact us for more information on all Henan Foils holographic patterns.