BOPP Thermal Lamination Film Gloss & Matt

Environmentally friendly 

It is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous to health and safe to use as no toxic gases or volatile content is emitted. Safety in laminating process as no solvent based adhesive is used.

Easy handling 

It is easy to operate once the required temperature is met and no special technique required.

Efficient and energy-saving 

Production cost is reduced substantially as there is no film wastage, mixture of adhesive solvent, and no UV heating lamp is required.

High function 

Compared with other solvent lamination, our film is better in clarity and bonding. Strong ability of absorbing powder. It prevents lamination from being pressed, bubbled and shredded off easily. Matt thermal lamination film is good for spot UV and hot stamping.

BOPP Hologram Laser Thermal Lamination Film

Mainly used for wine, cosmetics, gifts and other packaging film industries. The use of dry laminating machine and paper composite. Transparent film is directly coated and plated composite plating medium, the advantage of medium are laminating films meets water, perspiration moisture not losing laster effect.

Thickness: 20 micron, 23-26micron

Width: 100mm ~ 1800mm

Characteristics: bright color, transparent


  • used for laminating, before and after paper printing.
  • coating on copper, white, white board paper composite printing, metal composite, least effect.
  • suitable for hand off the bag, wrapping paper, gift boxes and other joint, flexible packaging and printing.
  • suitable for high-grade imitation pseudo carton film.

BOPP Metallized Hologram Film

Thickness: 18 micron

Width: 100mm ~ 1200mm

Length: 200m ~ 5000m

Paper core: 1 inch / 3 inch

Characteristic: This product has the same effect as the aluminum paper when is laminated on papers. It is used to laminate on the daily consumable packaging box, such as the box of grocery, medicine, wine, etc.


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    width200mm-1860mm (±5mm)
    paper core76mm (3″)and 25.4mm(1″)
    corona treatmentdouble side
    surface tensionBOPP side≥38 dyne, EVA side≥52dyne
    application manual 
    compound temperature80-110℃
    compound pressure5-25mpa
    compound speed5-60m/min
    Advantages of BOPP thermal laminating film made it popular in lamination business. Wet lamination was used some time back for making laminates. BOPP films have a wide range of aesthetics and hence it is easily possible to have various looks of laminating films. Main features of BOPP thermal lamination films are as follows:
    BOPP film has a density close to 0.90 g/m3 and hence it provides high yield (m2 per kgs) in the same cost with comparison to some other films like polyester films.
    Wide varieties of BOPP films are easily available and therefore BOPP thermal laminating films. For example – Matte, Glossy, Silky matte etc.
    BOPP film has reasonable strength for lamination purpose.

    Excellent gloss, high transparency, good moisture barrier, good chemical resistance.
    Applications of BOPP thermal laminating film.

    Textbook covers
    Sweet boxes
    Shopping bags